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Making Security a Reality

Legacy network monitoring solutions have been selling the myth of smarter security. The reality is that these solutions overlook the unique challenges industrial operators face. We understand your day-to-day. Our team has worked alongside operators in the field and at the control center. We’re bringing our unique experience to deliver something completely new, that works for you.

Every great mission
has an origin story

“SynSaber” is derived from the swift and precise action of trained swordplay. Our inspiration comes from Gérard Thibault d’Anvers, a Belgian fencing expert, who created a comprehensive and analytical approach to sword fighting. A key component of his manual “Academie de l’Espée” is a circular diagram — called the “Mysterious Circle” — which represents the mathematical and physical positioning of person and weapon.

The Mysterious Circle depicts the precise geometric relationship between opposing swordsmen, their reach, range, and natural proportions. Thibault’s approach to offense and defense centers on the awareness of these proportions, and through that awareness swordsmen can effectively defend and strike back. Similarly, when industrial operators have complete awareness of their assets and networks, they can proactively and effectively defend them.

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Our Mission

Provide industrial operators unmatched visibility and awareness that empowers them to defend with precision 

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Our Vision

Transform the way industrial operators think about security

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Core Values

At SynSaber, we believe that impact starts with intention. Here’s what we value most.


We provide the tools for you to succeed


We develop products that actually do what they say they will


We understand that security is a continuing journey

Servant Leadership

We are here to serve our customers, partners, and the industry


We are an active participant/contributor in the industrial security community


We never cease trying to find a better way, constantly driving efforts and progress

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Who We Are

Our team is a lot of things: security practitioners, thought leaders, inventors. But you can just call us your trusted guide. Driven by a smarter way to overcome industrial threats, we united to form SynSaber. Meet the group committed to helping great operators become even better.

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