OT edge visibility webinar

Webinar: Improving operational efficiency & security with OT edge visibility

Asset owners in critical infrastructure face an ever-growing number of challenges — cyber and physical security, IT/OT convergence, upholding efficiency and safety standards, and most importantly, maintaining reliability.

  • How can you defend what you can’t see?
  • As data and computing elements continue to expand at the OT edge, how can facilities keep up with the monitoring and visibility of those systems?

These are just a few of the questions that industrial operators and asset owners face every day. CMF recently gathered industry experts to discuss how data from the OT edge can be used to streamline operations and processes, and improve industrial security, efficiency, and safety.

Improving Operational Efficiency & Security with OT Edge Visibility

The session was recorded on April 12 and featured:
– Mark Weatherford (CSO, AlertEnterprise; Chief Strategy Officer, Nat’l Cybersecurity Center)
– Ali Golshan (Co-founder & CEO, Gretel.ai)
– Ron Fabela (Co-founder & CTO, SynSaber)