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The effective and empowering industrial asset and network monitoring solution

Today’s industrial asset and network monitoring solutions are broken. Sensors are too big to be adaptable. End-to-end visibility is non-existent. Scalability is out of the question. SynSaber shifts the paradigm with a flexible, future-proof solution that empowers operators to defend their industrial environments with ease.

You can’t defend what you can’t see. With SynSaber,
industrial operators gain total visibility to detect threats with laser precision.

How You Benefit

Deploy rapidly. Integrate with current technology. Scale as needed. Detect threats at-speed. Your mission means your rules. Discover the power of a more flexible, more effective industrial asset and network monitoring solution.


Gives users the ability to optimize exactly where it’s most needed

Easy to Use
& Easy to Scale

Effective, simple to operate and maintain

Total Industrial

Building blocks to customize and program at the field-level

Built to Integrate
& Ingestor Ready

Easily flow data to and from anywhere


What Clients are Saying

Mark Weatherford, CSO (AlertEnterprise); Chief Strategy Officer (National Cybersecurity Center)

“SynSaber is taking a unique approach to industrial control system security that isn’t just another security feature in the increasingly crowded landscape of security products.”

Senior Analyst, Large Energy Utility

“We need a simple/fast way to enable OT monitoring in specific sites and are looking to SynSaber to enable us to add visibility and monitoring to locations when we don’t have the time and resources to plan and implement complex changes.”

Senior Analyst, Large Energy Utility

“Many facilities have critical networks out in remote locations away from the control room and operators, and we frequently don’t have extra fiber available to use in those locations that would typically be required for other solutions. With SynSaber, we hope to deploy a small device that will enable monitoring of those remote locations.”

Flexible Software Components
for Any Architecture

Software Sensors
Fleet/Saber Management Console
Simplified & Streamlined Asset Identification
Your Requirements Codified
  • Collects, detects and transports information to a user defined destination
  • Small footprint enables multiple deployment models and partner integrations
  • Main hub for SynSaber operations
  • License enforcement, saber-sensor deployment, health & status
  • Localized aggregation & correlation of collected Saber/sensor data
  • Enables federation & multi-tenancy capabilities for organizations & MSSPs
  • Makes analytics & rules accessible to operators
  • Modules/wizards that make Saber-sensor creation easy and allows users to curate their collection and transport on scale

We built SynSaber

with you in mind

Industrial Operators

What you need

Scalability & Flexibility

SynSaber decouples collections and sensing from detection platforms, data lakes, and SIEMs. Supplying curated data to your existing infrastructure, security, and workflow tools. Allowing for unparalleled freedom and flexibility.

Curated Industrial Data Access

SynSaber provides Security operators actionable and curated data from their OT environments where and when they need it. Simultaneously providing your Operations team with valuable insight into daily operations and devices.

Security Analysts

What you need

Full Visibility

SynSaber’s sensors scale to performance and environmental needs. Sensors have minimal requirements, deployed on existing infrastructure or industrial rated devices designed for the most challenging environments. Allowing you to gain full visibility into your OT environment.

Operational Value + Security

SynSaber empowers the operations team with relevant plant-level events and data as well as security and visibility. We provide operators the tools they need to see, know, and defend their operations systems. Providing valuable telemetry and operator driven customizable events/alerts.

How it Works

SynSaber integrates with your existing investments right out of the box and can be deployed on-site or in the cloud. With our quick and easy deployment model, operators automatically get access to the security dashboard, customer support, and every product improvement made over time. Our goal is to empower you with a simple and effective solution that scales and deploys at the push of a button.

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