Rapid OT Asset & Network Assessment for Consultants & Advisors

Rapidly deploy lightweight software sensors in any industrial environment without disrupting operations.

Reduce time to collect critical network and asset insight quickly and in real-time.

Continuously monitor network behavior, detect threats, and store packets for future forensics.

Continuous Network Monitoring and Asset Inventory Solution for OT environments

SynSaber’s Rapid OT Assessment program is specifically designed to support consultants and advisors who design, develop, and maintain critical infrastructure and industrial control systems.

Get rapid visibility with zero impact to the client’s industrial environment.

Our 100% software-based Sabers (sensors) deploy in minutes with no external connectivity requirements to eliminate gaps in visibility and enable automatic asset classification, behavior, and threat detection.

Set it, forget it, and send it back to our team to generate a report detailing assets, communications, and other relevant insights, analysis, and suggestions based on our findings.

What’s Included in the Rapid OT Asset Insight Report

Watch the power of a pure-software sensor in action for unmatched insight and visibility in OT environments.

Visibility Summary: A high-level summary of activity in the network, including the length of time Saber was deployed, number of detected protocols, number of device types, individual assets classified, number of network transactions, highlighted areas of interest

Asset Summary Get a summary of key asset information found across the network, including: manufacturer, type, location, IP address, protocol breakdown, activity over time, first / last observed timestamps, device communications.

Most Active Devices – Top 10 devices by traffic flow

Deep Packet Inspection – % breakdown of most common protocols observed on the network

Top Talking Devices – Top source IP addresses communicating on the network

Devices of Interest: The report also highlights any suspicious or unexpected activity found on the network for further investigation.

Key Observations: The SynSaber team will highlight potential risks based on findings returned by the Saber. These observations will describe the relevance of these risks and vulnerabilities to the environment, as well as suggestions for mitigation.

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How it Works: Deploy, Monitor, and Report Back

Step 1: Pre-Configure a Saber
Step 2: Install the Saber
Step 3: Capture Data
Step 4: Extract the Data
Step 5: Get an Insight Report

Reach out to the team to get access to a Saber (sensor). We work with you to pre-configure a device of your choosing to drop into the environment.

Install the Saber on the chosen network with little configuration. Sabers can be deployed without an external connection to keep data local.

The Saber passively gathers and processes traffic across the network, capturing asset data, network activity, protocols seen, and more.

After 5 days, send the Saber back to the team to extract data and generate the OT Asset Insight Report.

Meet with the SynSaber team to discuss report details, areas of interest, and overall network findings.

SynSaber’s Rapid Assessment
Insight Report Advantage for Partners

Leverage the power of an affordable and flexible software solution that gives you the power to understand, defend, and improve industrial environments on behalf of your clients.

Rapid Visibility into Customer Environments

Gain relevant information around assets on the environment, detected protocols, device types, network transactions, and other relevant data. Reduce manual data gathering to understand the depth and scope of client needs quickly.

Actionable Insight for Areas of Interest

Passively gathered data highlights overall network as well as individualized asset activity. Quickly identify potential anomalies and areas within the network that need further investigation.

Map Vulnerabilities and Impact

Receive detailed information on potential risks and vulnerabilities identified in client environments. Vulnerabilities are contextualized within the client environment to better understand potential impacts of unmitigated risks and vulnerabilities.

Request a Demo & Sample of the OT Asset Insight Report

SynSaber is the simple, effective, low-hardware, low-hassle industrial asset and network monitoring solution. Request a demo and a sample of the OT Asset Insight Report to see how we can help you overcome whatever threats lie ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does SynSaber provide asset visibility in OT environments?

Sabers can be deployed at any level of your environment to begin gathering relevant asset data based on activity in the network. Using both open-source and proprietary resources and databases, Sabers can identify assets and metadata based on information that is being communicated across the network without disruption to the environment or any required action from operators, analysts, or other team members.

What types of assets can SynSaber’s solution identify and monitor?

SynSaber can identify any IT and OT assets connected and communicating across a network. If it has an active presence on the network, we can see it.

How does SynSaber handle compatibility with legacy systems or older industrial equipment?

Sabers are able to identify assets as long as they communicate on a network. Our solution is purpose-built for OT environments and includes support for many less common or legacy industrial protocols. We also understand that every facility is uniquely constructed to meet a specific operation purpose. Our sensor is designed to integrate seamlessly into these networks to gather asset data and monitor activity without impacting sensitive assets or the network itself.

How long after I put SynSaber in place before I start seeing results?

As soon as you install a Saber and configure where you want the data to go, results can be seen almost immediately. The Saber will begin to extract asset information as soon as it sees packets on the network where it is deployed. If using the Saber’s local UI, you can view asset data as it is captured. Depending on your Saber’s data pipeline configuration, you will also start seeing asset information in your other configured data destinations such as a SIEM, SOAR, data lake, or CMDB.

Our organization currently uses a variety of hardware and software platforms, and we‘re concerned that integrating a new solution might be difficult and costly. How can SynSaber’s approach help us address these concerns?

We believe that you should be able to send your network data anywhere you need to; our solution was built with the principle of integration-first. No two OT environments are architected and deployed the same way, so we work with your teams to understand your visibility goals, what you already have in place, and work to create a deployment plan that best suits your needs. Our Sabers capture data from your network and can send it anywhere you need in your environment, whether that’s a Historian, datalake, or any of the existing tools that any of your teams currently use.

Deploying SynSaber is as easy as identifying the sites or network areas where you need additional visibility and installing a sensor there. We’re flexible enough to sideload on an existing machine, run in a virtualized container, or direct install on a small piece of dedicated hardware such as a ruggedized industrial computer.

How often does my OT asset data get updated?

Sabers constantly monitor your network environment. This means we are able to detect and update asset data automatically in near real-time. There is no need to schedule updates.

How easily can SynSaber integrate into my existing systems?

Deploying a Saber can be done within a span of hours, rather than weeks or months. All you need is a place on the network for the Saber to be deployed (virtualized machine, side-loaded on existing hardware, etc.), defined destinations for the Saber to send data, and you’ll starting seeing what the Saber sees right away.

What organizations does SynSaber support?

SynSaber supports any organization with industrial, OT environments. From advanced manufacturing with factory floors in different nations to critical infrastructure such as water treatment and electricity, we are dedicated to closing the visibility gap in industrial environments. Whether you have thousands of assets across multiple sites or a dozen assets in a handful of substations, we can help you on your visibility journey.

What do I need in addition to the software to make SynSaber’s Sabers work?

All a Saber needs for deployment is available compute resources. Sabers can be sideloaded on existing machines, deployed on a virtualized machine, or installed onto the network with a small piece of hardware. The number of required resources depends on the amount of data being processed at each network and how frequently any updates or changes need to be sent out.

Can SynSaber’s solution be scaled up according to the organization’s needs?

Yes! Scale the number of Sabers you need as you need them. Start with the most critical parts of your environment and deploy additional Sabers as needed to grow your visibility alongside your networks.

My client has thousands of devices all over the world. Can SynSaber monitor that?

Yes. Sabers can detect any asset on the network it lives on; there is no limit to the number of assets a Saber can detect in a given network. As long as each asset is communicating on a network with an active Saber, they will be identified and monitored. If you have devices across the world with Sabers at each location, the Circle provides a centralized view of all your organization’s assets.

Can SynSaber support a fully isolated or air-gapped environment with highly restrictive security policies?

Yes. Sabers are able to monitor network traffic and extract asset information and metadata without any external network connection. We are also well-suited to limited connectivity environments such as remote sites with 3G or satellite uplinks.