OT Device & Network Monitoring Software

Get visibility into the edge of your OT network without a bulky or costly piece of hardware. SynSaber’s flexible and scalable software-based monitoring sensors identify assets and network traffic for industrial OT environments.

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Flexible Deployment & Visibility for Every OT Architecture

SynSaber’s vendor-agnostic network monitoring software integrates quickly with existing technology and workflows right out of the box.
Deploy sensors on-site with low- to no-hardware, and scale to adapt to environmental needs.

OT Visibility Challenges & SynSaber Solutions

SynSaber helps OT operators, engineers, and analysts across industrial sectors get better visibility into their networks and industrial control systems (ICS).

Challenge: Lack of visibility into remote sites makes it difficult to ensure security and proper operation of devices and systems.

SynSaber Solution: SynSaber’s software-based sensors (Sabers) offer flexible deployment options to address these gaps in visibility and deliver data relevant to the team’s needs.

Challenge: We can’t deploy additional large or resource-intensive hardware at the edge.

SynSaber Solution: Sabers have minimal resource requirements that can be deployed with low-hardware or no-hardware through existing infrastructure like DIN-rail mounted devices, side-loaded, compute modules, or virtualized / containerized environments.

Challenge: We can’t get current network data into our existing security monitoring technology.

SynSaber Solution: SynSaber’s integration-first approach means that the data processed by our Sabers at the OT edge can be sent anywhere in your environment, including SIEMs, SOARs, data lakes, or existing security monitoring tools.

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You Asked, We Listened

“I just want a simple tool that shows me a high-level breakdown of what’s in this PCAP.”

You Asked, We Listened

“I need a quick & offline way to identify if there are any assets in here that don’t belong.”

You Asked, We Listened

“I’d like to know if any protocols are communicating on my network that shouldn’t be.”

Flexible & Effective OT Monitoring

SynSaber was built to answer the needs of those tasked with ensuring that OT environments are operational and secure, from industrial operators and plant managers to security analysts and compliance managers.

Decouples data collection from event management.

Send curated data to your existing infrastructure, security, and workflow tools (SIEM, SOAR, data lakes, MSSPs).

Security teams get relevant data from the OT network. Industrial teams get insight into device statuses and daily operations.

Sensors have minimal requirements for deployment into existing OT infrastructure on industrial-rated devices or virtual machines.

Sensors provide valuable telemetry and customizable events and alerts.

Data from Everywhere, to Anywhere

SynSaber’s solution puts control into your hands, empowering you with the data and insight to take action with confidence.

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