Introducing the
OT PCAP Analyzer

The OT PCAP Analyzer is a free tool developed by SynSaber for the Industrial Security Community. Use the OT PCAP Analyzer to get a high-level breakdown of the devices and protocols contained within your packet capture.

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World Class Tools for the OT Community

SynSaber developed this tool as a free and simple method for viewing a breakdown of device and protocol information contained within a packet capture file. You can get your hands on it now!

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Start analyzing your PCAPs!

A Tool Built by the Industrial Security Community, for the Community

We built this tool for the OT security community, from industrial operators and plant managers to compliance managers and other cybersecurity-focused minds.

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What Can You
Do With the
OT PCAP Analyzer?

Device identification and device mapping visualizations

Device metadata, like IP, Vendor, Class (OT, IT), Subclass type (Workstation, PLC, Virtualization)

Identify protocols, protocol communications, and communication directions

Filter your view by time, protocol, CIDR, manufacturer

Search across device attributes

Quick visibility into a single snapshot from your network segment

Offline analysis of devices and protocols in a packet capture

Want or Need More?

There are a few things that the free tool isn’t able to provide.
But you can do them with our full SynSaber product

Observe and analyze traffic on a span or tap port in near real-time

Send data outbound to any SIEM, SOAR, MSSP, or other location

Save historical data to disk

Detect nefarious or anomalous activities in your environment

If your requirements include any of the items above,
reach out to us for a demo of the full SynSaber product.

You Asked, We Listened

“I just want a simple tool that shows me a high-level breakdown of what’s in this PCAP.”

You Asked, We Listened

“I need a quick & offline way to identify if there are any assets in here that don’t belong.”

You Asked, We Listened

“I’d like to know if any protocols are communicating on my network that shouldn’t be.”

We developed the OT PCAP Analyzer because we wanted a quick way to analyze industrial PCAP files, and we couldn’t find a simple, free tool that met all of our needs … so we built one!

The SynSaber OT PCAP Analyzer is and will remain, a free tool for the Industrial Security Community. Get early access to the software and start analyzing PCAPs today!

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