SynSaber 1.0 for Rapid OT Visibility

OT Visibility
for ICS

Request a demo to explore SynSaber’s asset identification and profiling, threat detection, and operational monitoring capabilities. Some features included in SynSaber are full packet capture, asset management, and flexible data delivery to one or many systems. Setup is fast, and you’ll be able to start collecting data and gain better visibility right away.

Who Is SynSaber for?

SynSaber was purpose-built for analysts, operators, and other teams across industrial sectors to better understand the threats to their OT and ICS environments.

Industrial organizations struggling to gain data-rich visibility in their environment will benefit from joining the SynSaber quest, as they’ll be able to identify OT assets, monitor communications, and view network traffic without complicated or resource-intensive deployment.

Request a Demo

SynSaber is a simple, effective, low-hassle, purely software-based industrial asset and network monitoring solution. Request a demo to see how we can help you overcome visibility challenges to better protect and optimize operations.