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SynSaber's Reference Architecture for Industrial

Reference Architecture to Detect + Defend Industrial Environments

Our critical infrastructure, including power grids, water systems, and manufacturing plants, is increasingly vulnerable to cyber attacks. SynSaber provides industrial connectivity at the edge in a low-cost, low-complexity solution designed for industrial operators. Below, we’ll cover SynSaber’s reference architecture and workflow integration for industrial and critical infrastructure.

SynSaber Industrial Workflow Integration

The chart below shows an overview of how we securely connect, collect, detect, and curate industrial data from any source to user-defined destinations:

Reference Architecture for Industrial

Electric Utility Architectures 🔌

Reliable service delivery is critical to electric utilities. Multiple SynSaber devices would be deployed to enable operators to monitor systems in real-time and take action remotely or onsite.



› Self-contained, highly distributed control points with internal networks and devices
› Control Centers are the central hub for connectivity to all outstations
› Remote installations, typically with no operators onsite

Generation Stations

› Control Center is the main hub for multiple units of generation
› Hierarchical, nested segments for plant and unit data networks in a single facility
› Physical and electronic security perimeters are tightly controlled due to regulations and compliance

Oil & Gas Architectures 🛢️

Distributed environments, aging technology, and a growing attack surface make the oil and gas sector increasingly vulnerable to cyber attacks. SynSaber gives operators complete visibility and a direct line of sight that enables them to make the right decisions to defend and maintain their environments.


SynSaber protects your architectures from cyber threats starting at the origin and ending at its final destination. SynSaber’s flexible software components monitor your journey from offshore oil rigs and hundreds of miles of pipeline to large process facilities and substations.


As environments modernize, the attack surface at the edge increases with minimal insights and monitoring. SynSaber visibility helps ensure safe and secure operations as new technologies are embraced.
SynSaber enables oil and gas architectures to:

› Protect their assets and revenue
› Minimize downtime
› Scale monitoring across sites
› Maximize business resiliency and flexibility

Advanced Manufacturing Architectures 🏭

Manufacturing plant networks must manage and maintain multiple process lines operating while interconnected with MES and other factory floors. SynSaber helps operators gain the visibility necessary to protect, defend and optimize plant operations with easy-to-use and scalable monitoring of any and all systems they’re working with.


Deep Visibility: Data

Providing insights from the plant floor to the security operations center and everywhere in between.

Centralized Monitoring: Operations

SynSaber makes monitoring of highly distributed, worldwide facilities a breeze.

Empowering Current Tech: Process

SynSaber empowers all of your facilities regardless of age, region, or operations by working with any existing system.

See What SynSaber Can Do

Get full visibility across your systems, machines, and facilities to prioritize maintenance, centralize your fleet management, and automate secure data sharing among your stakeholders.

An affordable, self-service alternative to enterprise IT products, SynSaber provides operators with a flexible, configurable solution to extract actionable data from their environments and send it exactly where it’s needed.

See how SynSaber’s scalability & flexibility empowers operators and organizations. Contact us to see a demo of SynSaber in action.

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