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Saber Technology for MSSPs and OT Consultants

Visibility into industrial asset behaviors, threat detection, and baseline deviations has reached a pivotal point with critical infrastructure organizations. This is especially true for those smaller groups that may not have the resources necessary for internal security operations centers and focused detection and response teams.

Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) and consultants successfully provide important value to these organizations — but what about OT environments? Getting visibility into analyzed, contextualized, and curated OT data has been a consistent struggle.

Quickly and Safely Expand your MSSP into OT

It’s all about access to good data. With SynSaber sensors monitoring at the industrial edge, data is analyzed and curated before sending up to a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR), or data lake. This supercharges an MSSP’s ability to provide fully managed detection and response (MDR) compatibility in both IT and OT.

SynSaber’s software-based sensors (Sabers) deploy at the industrial edge

  • Ultra-small software package
  • Deploys on just about anything, including DIN-rail hardware, side-loaded, compute modules, virtually, or containerized
  • No expensive or bulky hardware requirements = cost savings and quicker time to value

Custom-Built for OT Environments

  • Purpose-built for industrial environments
  • Unique protocol dissection and data analysis
  • Minimal system requirements – The Sabers require a minimum of 2 CPU Core and 2 GB of RAM to run efficiently

Not Another SIEM

  • Empower your existing technology investments
  • Collection and analysis at the OT edge
  • Curated data is sent directly to any SIEM, SOAR, or data lake

Rapid Deployment, Visibility, and Integration

Deployment – SynSaber’s software-based sensors (Sabers) deploy in minutes, not months. The Sabers are ultra-small software packages that can install on nearly anything. There’s no need to purchase or install new hardware.

Visibility – You’ll get access to full asset inventory, baselines, threat detection, and edge packet captures to provide enhanced visibility into industrial environments.

Integration – Processing is done at the edge. SynSaber can send curated data and events directly to any destination system. Our technology was built with an “integration-first” approach to OT visibility.

Supercharge your MDR

SynSaber is not another SIEM, and since our sensors deploy at the edge of your OT environment, we’re able to more accurately provide industrial detection and asset ID, behaviors, and precision packet processing.

Industrial Detection and Asset ID

Edge network data analysis provides a more complete view of threat detection and asset information. Accurate asset details are the bedrock of more complex baseline and industrial threat detection that you can’t get anywhere else.


Analyzing the “east to west” network activity equates to understanding behaviors that provide valuable insights into normal and anomalous activity. Complements typical IOC-based rules and complex analytics to fill in the visibility gaps when threats aren’t present.

Precision Packet Processing

You don’t have to worry about packet loss with SynSaber edge processing. Reduce your data gaps! This level of precision enables accurate inventory, baselines, and detection where others may fall short.

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