Securing Electric Utilities

Securing Electric Utilities with SynSaber

Jori VanAntwerp, CEO SynSaber
Jori VanAntwerp
CEO, SynSaber

Securing electric utilities can be challenging, as supply chain woes, disparate systems, and meager security budgets make it difficult for organizations to monitor and protect their environments effectively. Technological advancements in the electric utility industry have helped to enable utility companies to take reliability, safety, and efficiency into their own hands. 

But those advancements can also increase the overall attack surface and enable cyber attacks on energy infrastructure. 

Electric Utility Challenges

In addition to the challenges of managing disparate networks with scant resources and supply chain delays, there are other security challenges faced by those in the electric utility sector:

  • Difficulty gaining visibility of and monitoring the full industrial environment, especially out at the OT edge
  • Challenges operating and maintaining systems from anywhere or with a distributed workforce
  • Limited flexibility and reliance on hardware-dependent legacy systems
  • Stuck in reactive vs. proactive mode regarding security threats and anomalous network activity

Securing Electric Utilities with SynSaber

SynSaber’s vendor-agnostic software gives electric utility operators and asset owners visibility into the data living at the edges of their networks. Operators can harness data from everywhere, even the OT edge, to improve operations, reliability, and security, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Our ultra-small software footprint allows Sabers (sensors) to be installed on almost anything within your existing infrastructure — DIN-rail devices, side-loaded, compute modules, and in virtual or containerized environments. 

The ability to install on almost anything (Sabers only need two cores and 2GB of RAM to run effectively) reduces the total cost of ownership, and fast-tracks an electric utility’s time to gain visibility, security, and compliance.

Visibility & Risk Reduction

With SynSaber’s software, you’re able to offer your team comprehensive visibility into your OT networks.

  • Gain visibility into all areas of your operations, and send curated data anywhere, including your SIEM, SOAR, or MSSP.
  • Make the collection, analysis, and transport of data flexible and scalable.

Monitoring & Defense

Secure your electric utility operations and defend your systems in near real-time with SynSaber’s quick and flexible deployment.

  • Monitor and detect operational and cyber events as they happen.
  • Remediate anomalous activities, whether cyber or otherwise, before they impact your operations.

Compliance & Regulation

From NERC CIP to FERC NOPR (and all of the other acronyms), we know that proving and maintaining regulatory compliance is critical for securing electric utilities.

  • Provide baselines, packet capture, and detection for compliance and to meet regulatory requirements.
  • Collect data from your entire network, even legacy environments, and deliver information to existing technologies and compliance workflows.

Take action with SynSaber

SynSaber supplies operators with the data they need to provide proactive and adaptive cybersecurity for energy infrastructures. With software that installs on almost anything, you won’t be beholden to a hardware-dependent vendor with supply chain delays. 

Our vendor-agnostic nature enables you to pull data from anywhere within your infrastructure and send it to any SIEM, SOAR, MSSP, or anywhere it’s needed within your existing workflows. 

SynSaber empowers your team to overcome whatever industrial cybersecurity threats lie ahead. Contact us or request a demo to explore how SynSaber can help your operators on their quest of monitoring and securing electric utilities.

~Jori 🤘⚔️