Cost Effective & Scalable Asset Management for Electric Municipalities and Co-Ops

Electric utilities serving municipalities and co-ops face a two-sided challenge: delivering consistent electricity to customers and harnessing technology for greater efficiency. However, these advancements introduce new challenges, particularly in securing networks and ensuring uninterrupted operations.

In this context, geographically distributed substations and sites can make it difficult to manage operations across these networks. Teams need visibility into the assets that make up your environment, where they’re located, and the contextualized data around asset behavior to make informed operational, financial, and managerial decisions.

SynSaber’s pure software sensors (Sabers) are designed to address these challenges without adding another layer of complexity. Operators, analysts, managers, and individuals across the organization achieve unparalleled insight and access to data quickly and easily.

Explore the solutions SynSaber brings to Electric Municipalities and Co-Ops. Discover the impact that near-complete asset visibility brings to asset identification challenges.