Webinar Recording:
Analyzing industrial packet captures with the OT PCAP Analyzer

About this webinar:

PCAPs (packet captures) offer detailed snapshots in time of the traffic in your network. SynSaber’s Free OT PCAP Analyzer (OPA) simplifies OT network visibility. OPA turns uploaded PCAPs into dashboards, breakdowns, and views for quick analysis. Upload a PCAP and get instant visibility into device identity, associated meta, protocols, and more.

The webinar shows how to download and run the OT PCAP Analyzer, its current features, how to use it to simplify security audits and compliance, along with other use cases for different environments.

🎤 Webinar Panel

Host: Jason Moore (VP of Sales, SynSaber)

Speaker: Will Muschetto (Principal Solutions Architect, SynSaber)

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