S4x22 Session Ron Fabela

S4x22 Session: Top Mindset Changes to Create the Future

SynSaber Co-founder Ron Fabela’s session at S4x22 struck a chord with many in the audience. The session, titled “Slaying ICS Mythical Creatures: Top Mindset Changes to Create the Future,” identified myths that have been hindering progress in ICS security.

3-part blog series expanding on S4x22 session:

🦄 The ICS Unicorn — https://synsaber.com/ics-unicorn-slaying-ics-mythical-creatures-part-1/

🐉 The ICS Basilisk — https://synsaber.com/ics-basilisk-slaying-ics-mythical-creatures-part-2/

🐺 The ICS Werewolf — https://synsaber.com/ics-werewolf-slaying-ics-mythical-creatures-part-3/

Save the date for S4x23, taking place February 13-16, 2023 in Miami South Beach