Decoding, Contextualizing, and Prioritizing ICS Advisories & OT CVEs 🕵🏼

Missed the live webinar? No worries – you can catch the replay anytime!

About This Webinar

The number of CISA ICS Advisories is increasing every year. As the volume of CVEs grows, so too does the uncertainty of those facing the daunting task of reviewing, tracking, and addressing vulnerabilities. How can asset owners prioritize and manage the growing list, especially when over 21% of industrial CVEs don’t have a patch or remediation available?

Replay the live webinar discussion moderated by Jason Moore (SynSaber VP of Sales) featuring Dan Ricci (ICS Advisory Project Founder) and Jori VanAntwerp (SynSaber CEO & Co-founder). Learn about the resources available within the open-source ICS Advisory Project and SynSaber’s multi-year Industrial CVE Retrospective.

Meet The Presenters

Jason Moore
VP of Sales, SynSaber

Dan Ricci
Founder, ICS Advisory Project

Jori VanAntwerp
CEO & Co-founder, SynSaber