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Beyond North-South: Leveraging The Power of East-West Traffic Visibility to Improve Safety and Efficiency

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About This Webinar

Companies with OT environments are striving to decrease the visibility gap, especially as it pertains to assets at the edge such as sensors, actuators, and other industrial devices. Security and operational teams often use network traffic for visibility. Traditionally, monitoring solutions focus on north-south traffic, or traffic being sent in and out of network segments, such as specific remote sites, but offers limited information about devices within a specific segment. This information is better represented in east-west traffic, revealing which devices are communicating with each other. Learn more about east-west data available at the edge and how it can be used beyond cybersecurity to reach operational and compliance needs.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Examples of data that can be found at the edge through monitoring east-west traffic.
  • Identifying and mitigating cybersecurity risks and vulnerabilities using east-west traffic data.
  • Empowering operators to ensure critical processes are functioning properly and safely with increased visibility using east-west traffic.
  • How increased visibility with network data facilitates assessments for internal improvements as well as meeting compliance requirements.