First Half of 2023 – ICS CVE Report Highlights

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About This Webinar

As more CVEs are reported by CISA, vendors, and other independent researchers, organizations continue to face the challenge of understanding and identifying vulnerabilities relevant to their environments. This webinar will go over the highlights of our first half of 2023 report and highlight any notable changes, trends, and advice on how to find the information relevant to your own environment.

What You’ll Learn:

  • A preview of SynSaber’s first-half of 2023 ICS CVE report
  • How to assess CVEs to determine their potential impact on your environment
  • A comparison of stats year over year to identify any significant changes in trends
  • What remediations (if any) are available for reported CVEs
  • Understanding CVEs in the context of your environment and their likelihood of being exploited

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Meet The Presenters

Jori VanAntwerp


Jori VanAntwerp
CEO & Co-founder, SynSaber

Dan Ricci


Daniel Ricci
Founder, ICS Advisory Project