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Webinar: Analyzing Industrial Packet Captures with the OT PCAP Analyzer

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About This Webinar

PCAPs (packet captures) offer detailed snapshots of the traffic in your network. SynSaber’s Free OT PCAP Analyzer (OPA) simplifies OT network visibility. OPA turns uploaded PCAPs into dashboards, breakdowns, and views for quick analysis. Upload a PCAP and get instant visibility into device identity, associated metadata, protocols, and more.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to download and run SynSaber’s free OT PCAP Analyzer
  • Explore its features and an overview of what OPA does for you
  • Dos & Don’ts -Use cases from current SynSaber OPA users
  • How to use OPA to simplify security audits and compliance
  • How to view your OT packet capture in a human-readable format with OPA

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Meet The Presenters

Jason Moore

Jason Moore
VP of Sales, SynSaber

Will Muschetto

Will Muschetto
Principal Solutions Architect, SynSaber