We help operators, engineers, and defenders across industrial sectors better understand the threats to their operational technologies (OT), networks, and industrial control systems (ICS). Discover how SynSaber can work for you.

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numerous energy pipelines and pressure valves inside large industrial factory room

Energy Oil Gas

Effective energy infrastructure depends on effective cybersecurity. Today, the energy sector is a prime target for cyber criminals. As power plants, homes, and businesses embrace digital transformation and become more connected, it’s increasingly important that operators have the tools necessary to prevent cyber attacks. SynSaber puts the control in the operator’s hands, empowering them with the insight needed to keep our nation running.

Electric Utilities

Electric utilities provide essential services for citizens. But distributed environments and a growing attack surface make the utilities sector an increasingly vulnerable target for cyber criminals. Resiliency is critical for reliable service delivery. SynSaber provides continuous insight into status, vulnerabilities, and threats, enabling operators in electric utilities to see, know, and take action with confidence.

electric utility infrastructure
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Advanced Manufacturing

From defending critical data to reducing operational risk, cybersecurity is crucial in the manufacturing industry. A cyber attack can lead to intellectual property theft, stolen customer data, and in some cases can even be a threat to physical safety. At SynSaber, we help manufacturing operators stay ahead of complex threats to work with efficiency and protect what matters most.

Industrial loT

IoT cybersecurity is a top concern for industrial operators who are tasked with the challenge of securing a growing list of connected devices and networks. As the number of devices on a network increases, so does the risk. The complexity of managing this distributed environment requires a revolutionary industrial asset and network monitoring solution. We deliver a scalable, future-proof solution that helps operators detect threats at-speed and defend in real-time, making it easier than ever to secure the Industrial IoT.

Industrial IoT devices and industrial infrastructure

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