Bridging IT/OT Visibility Gap:
Empowering Electric Municipalities & Cooperatives

Fast and flexible deployment WITHOUT adding additional tools

Say goodbye to manual asset inventory at each substation

Do more at the edge — get coverage from a single substation to a complete array of sites

Windmills, solar penels, and other electric utility architecture

Simple. Affordable. Impactful.

Visibility into your substations and networks shouldn’t require another expensive tool to manage. Identify and manage assets at each site without spending precious time driving out into the field or using resources on manual processes.

SynSaber is dedicated to empowering your teams with the data and the visibility they need around assets and network traffic insights at each of your substations.

SynSaber in Action: Experience the Power of OT Visibility

You Can’t Defend What You Can’t See.

Send your data where you need it most.

SynSaber’s lightweight sensors (Sabers) are installed where you need visibility the most (i.e., substations, distribution sites, etc.). Sabers are configured to gather and process metadata around asset discovery & identification, network communication insights, and remote protocol detection.

Data can be visualized in the SynSaber interface or sent to any existing tools such as a SIEM or datalakes, historians, and other parts of your OT environment to empower the teams across your organization.

Know the Devices on Your Network

No more guesswork or time spent on tedious manual discovery processes to build an inventory of devices at each substation.

Our purpose-built OT sensors are designed to identify and pull relevant data communicated between devices on your network.

Sabers discover and identify assets in near real-time.

Data in these asset profiles include:
•Device classification •
Vendor name •IP address •MAC address •Protocols •Device names •Model •Serial number •Firmware

Monitor Network Communication Insights

Visibility is valuable not only for cybersecurity but also troubleshooting, optimization, maintenance, support, capacity planning, compliance, audits, and more!

Monitor communications between the devices at your substations and reduce uncertainty around what’s going on at each network through passive monitoring.

Passive network monitoring is a non-intrusive method of observing traffic without requiring a presence on the network or causing disruption.

Monitoring all north-south and east-west traffic on the network allows for faster visibility, near real-time insights, and comprehensive and detailed data analysis to support multiple organizational initiatives.

Enrich Existing Workflows, Without More Tools

Your team doesn’t need another tool and another layer of complexity around seeing what’s happening across the network.

Our solutions are vendor agnostic, which means we send curated data from your environment into any existing tools, and deploy on any hardware you already have in place, regardless of the vendor or manufacturer.

It’s your data, so we send it where you need it.

Discover the SynSaber Advantage

Discover the power of SynSaber’s flexible and scalable software solution that puts the control back into your hands to provide peace of mind.

Streamlined Deployment for Any Site

Deploy Sabers easily into resource-constrained sites and substations with minimal hardware requirements or install software directly on existing hardware.

Seamless Network Monitoring

Get relevant insights into network traffic without impacting normal operations. Rolling network PCAPs can be saved locally or shipped externally.

Real-time Asset Discovery & Management

Passively discover devices and extract device data directly from the network communications with Sabers designed to understand OT protocols.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Reduce truck rolls and time spent troubleshooting. Historical communication and network data make it easier to engage manufacturers, pinpoint, and address the problem.

Flexible Scaling Options

Don’t pay for more Sabers and features than you need. Start small and scale up across your environment as demand grows.

Data from Everywhere to Anywhere

Sabers provide actionable insights from your data and send it wherever it’s needed most. Easily save data to disk, send it to a historian, or integrate with existing tools and dashboards for enhanced readability.


What Clients are Saying

Mark Weatherford, CSO (AlertEnterprise); Chief Strategy Officer (National Cybersecurity Center)

“SynSaber is taking a unique approach to industrial control system security that isn’t just another security feature in the increasingly crowded landscape of security products.”

Senior Analyst, Large Energy Utility

“We need a simple/fast way to enable OT monitoring in specific sites and are looking to SynSaber to enable us to add visibility and monitoring to locations when we don’t have the time and resources to plan and implement complex changes.”

Senior Analyst, Large Energy Utility

“Many facilities have critical networks out in remote locations away from the control room and operators, and we frequently don’t have extra fiber available to use in those locations that would typically be required for other solutions. With SynSaber, we hope to deploy a small device that will enable monitoring of those remote locations.”

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