SynSaber: Industrial Cybersecurity for Electric Utilities

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Providing continuous insight into status, vulnerabilities, and threats in the energy sector.

The electric utility industry has found itself at a crossroads — new technologies support a more distributed system of small-scale generators, renewable energy installations, and energy efficiency strategies. These technological advances have enabled utility companies to take instances of reliability, security, and efficiency into their own hands. But they can also enable cyber attacks on energy infrastructure.

SynSaber provides these critical infrastructure providers with comprehensive visibility into data living at the OT edge. Data that can be used to improve operations, reliability, industrial cybersecurity, and regulatory compliance.

Essential Services. Vulnerable Targets.

Electric utility companies provide essential services for citizens and corporations alike. As such, electric utilities are one of the top three utility sectors targeted for cyber attacks in the United States. In recent years, electric power companies have reported a continuous barrage of incidents related to critical infrastructure. Amidst a technological shift in the electric utility sector, companies are finding it more and more challenging to protect not only their infrastructure, data, and consumers, but also their workers.


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We all know that you can’t defend what you can’t see. Traditional tools make operators’ daily tasks difficult, leaving electric utility environments more open to the likelihood of an attack.

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Electric Utility OT Security Challenges:

  • Inability to monitor 100% of the industrial environment
  • Difficulty operating and maintaining from anywhere
  • Limited flexibility and lack of future proofing
  • Stuck in reactive vs. proactive mode regarding industrial cybersecurity threats

Visibility. Security. Compliance.

SynSaber isn’t another SIEM or “single pane of glass”. We are a vendor- agnostic platform that allows electric utilities to gather and enrich OT data from everywhere and send it anywhere.

SynSaber’s ultra-small software footprint allows Sabers (sensors) to be installed on existing infrastructure such as DIN-rail hardware, side-loaded, compute modules, virtually, or containerized. This massively reduces total cost of ownership, and fast-tracks an electric company’s time to visibility, security, and compliance.

Add Visibility & Reduce Risks
Real-Time Monitoring & Defense
Meet Compliance & Regulation
Add Visibility & Reduce Risks
Graph tracking how SynSaber add visibility and reduce risks for electric utilities

Add Visibility & Reduce Risks

Offer your OT team comprehensive visibility.

  • Gain full visibility into all operations, and send curated data to any SIEM, SOAR, or MSSP.
  • Make collection, analysis, and transport flexible and scalable.
Real-Time Monitoring & Defense
Graph showing SynSaber's real-time electric utilities cybersecurity monitoring defense

Real-Time Monitoring & Defense

Secure your operations and defend systems in real-time.

  • Monitor and detect operational and cyber events as they’re happening.
  • Effectively remediate anomalous activities, whether cyber or otherwise, before they impact operations.
Meet Compliance & Regulation
Electric utilities compliance regulations

Meet Compliance & Regulation

Prove and maintain regulatory compliance.

  • Provide baselines, packet capture, and detection for compliance and regulatory concerns (NERC CIP, FERC NOPR, etc.).
  • Collect data and deliver information to legacy technology and compliance workflows.

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Utilities care about their systems being and staying up.

And they must stay up at any cost.

Gain confidence and take action with SynSaber

SynSaber supplies operators the data they need to provide proactive and adaptive cybersecurity for energy infrastructures. Learn more about SynSaber’s industrial cybersecurity software, and how your industry or organization can benefit. Contact our team or request a demo to explore how SynSaber can help your operators overcome whatever industrial cybersecurity threats lie ahead.

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