SynSaber: Industrial Cybersecurity for Advanced Manufacturing

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Curated data from the edge of your advanced manufacturing network.

Advanced manufacturing networks must manage and maintain multiple process lines operating while interconnected with MES (manufacturing execution system) and other factory floors. As more elements of the manufacturing process become interconnected through IIoT, remote access, or other methods, the attack surface and level of risk increase.

SynSaber helps operators gain the visibility they need to protect, defend and optimize plant operations with easy-to-use and scalable monitoring of their systems.

Critical Processes. Dangerous Disruptions.

Advanced manufacturing infrastructures require constant monitoring for optimal performance, quality control, and safety. Aging systems and the introduction of new, interconnected devices have widened the risk landscape of these environments. According to the IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Index,1 for the first time in five years, “manufacturing outpaced finance and insurance in the number of cyberattacks levied against these industries.”

1 IBM Security X-Force Threat Intelligence Index 2023

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SynSaber recognizes that safe and efficient manufacturing depends on reliable security and operations. As advanced manufacturing and the supply chain become larger targets, it’s critical that operators, engineers, and analysts have the data they need to protect their systems.

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Advanced Manufacturing Device Visibility & Security Challenges:

  • Connected device growth leading to a greater risk landscape.
  • Limited capacity for bulky hardware due to power and space limitations.
  • New applications and technologies can widen the attack surface if not monitored correctly.
  • No space for bulky pieces of hardware.

Visibility. Security. Resiliency.

SynSaber isn’t another SIEM or “single pane of glass.” We are a vendor-agnostic platform that enables advanced manufacturing organizations to gather and enrich OT edge visibility that helps ensure safe and secure operations as new, connected technology is embraced.

SynSaber’s ultra-small software footprint allows Sabers (sensors) to be installed on existing infrastructure such as DIN-rail hardware, side-loaded, compute modules, virtually, or containerized. This massively reduces the total cost of ownership and fast-tracks an advanced manufacturing organization’s time to visibility, compliance, and improved operational performance.

Add Visibility & Reduce Risks
Improve Operational Performance
Real-Time Monitoring & Defense
Add Visibility & Reduce Risks
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Add Visibility & Reduce Risks

Offer your OT & IT teams comprehensive visibility.

  • Provide insights from the plant floor to the SOC, SIEM, and everywhere in between.
  • Make collection, analysis, and transport flexible and scalable.
Improve Operational Performance
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Improve Operational Performance

Enhance operations with centralized, scalable monitoring.

  • Simplify monitoring of highly distributed, worldwide facilities.
  • Identify bottlenecks and congestion, and gain insights into operational performance.
Real-Time Monitoring & Defense
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Real-Time Monitoring & Defense

Secure your operations and defend systems in real-time.

  • Effectively remediate anomalous activities, whether cyber or otherwise, before they impact manufacturing operations.
  • Monitor and detect operational and cyber events as they’re happening.
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Advanced manufacturing organizations are rapidly adopting innovative technologies to improve efficiency.

That efficiency should never come at the cost of safety or security.

Gain confidence and take action with SynSaber

SynSaber supplies operators with the data they need to provide proactive and adaptive cybersecurity for advanced manufacturing infrastructures. Learn more about SynSaber’s industrial cybersecurity software and how your industry or organization can benefit. Contact our team or request a demo to explore how SynSaber can help your operators overcome whatever security threats to the advanced manufacturing industry lie ahead.

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