SynSaber: Industrial Cybersecurity for Oil & Gas

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Giving you visibility into the data living at the edge of your network.

There are numerous security threats to the oil and gas industry that risk disrupting operations and services. In addition to cyberattacks on oil and gas entities, industrial infrastructures may possess intrinsic vulnerabilities due to disparate systems and power and space limitations.

SynSaber provides these vital systems with comprehensive visibility into data living at the edge of your network — data that can improve pipeline operations, reliability, security, and regulatory compliance.

Vital Industries. Dangerous Disruptions.

The intricate process required to operate oil and gas infrastructures means they need constant monitoring to ensure optimal performance, quality control, and safety. However, many oil and gas entities are working with aging systems that create gaps between operations, operators, and total cybersecurity. In recent years, there has been an increase in supply disruptions due to cyberattacks on oil and gas  — with disruptions lasting six days on average. Oil and gas organizations are losing millions of dollars and their reputations in the eyes of their customers. 


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SynSaber knows effective infrastructure depends on effective industrial cybersecurity. Traditional systems make operators’ daily tasks difficult, leaving pipelines, networks, and equipment more vulnerable to an attack.

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Oil & Gas Security Challenges:

  • Pipelines run through harsh environments with limited communications.
  • Power and space limitations make hardware deployment challenging, leading to complicated deployment strategies.
  • New applications and technologies can widen the attack surface if not monitored correctly.
  • No space for bulky pieces of hardware.

Visibility. Reliability. Resiliency.

SynSaber isn’t another SIEM or “single pane of glass.” We are a vendor-agnostic platform that enables oil and gas organizations to gather and enrich OT edge visibility that helps ensure safe and secure operations as new technology is embraced.

SynSaber’s ultra-small software footprint allows Sabers (sensors) to be installed on existing infrastructure such as DIN-rail hardware, side-loaded, compute modules, virtually, or containerized. This massively reduces the total cost of ownership and fast-tracks an oil and gas company’s time to visibility, compliance, and improved operational performance.

Add Visibility & Reduce Risks
Meet Compliance & Regulation
Improve Operational Performance
Add Visibility & Reduce Risks
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Add Visibility & Reduce Risks

Offer your OT team comprehensive visibility.

  • Provide metrics that enhance understanding of fault management.
  • Make collection, analysis, and transport flexible and scalable.
Meet Compliance & Regulation
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Meet Compliance & Regulation

Prove and maintain regulatory compliance.

  • Provide baselines, packet capture, and detection for compliance and regulatory concerns (TSA, NERC CIP, IEC, NIST, etc.).
  • Collect data and deliver information to legacy technology and compliance workflows.
Improve Operational Performance
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Improve Operational Performance

Determine the success of your business.

  • Identify bottlenecks and congestion, and gain insights into how your entire operation performs.
  • See if any problems with hardware, networks, or systems exist.
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Oil & gas companies care about their systems being and staying up.

And they must stay up at any cost.

Gain confidence and take action with SynSaber

SynSaber supplies operators with the data they need to provide proactive and adaptive cybersecurity for oil and gas infrastructures. Learn more about SynSaber’s industrial cybersecurity software and how your industry or organization can benefit. Contact our team or request a demo to explore how SynSaber can help your operators overcome whatever security threats to the oil and gas industry lie ahead.

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