black and white photo of synsaber team member ronnie fabela

Ron Fabela

Founder & CTO

“What do you play?” “Wow, um… Zelda… Tetris… that’s kind of a big question.” - Young Neil, Scott Pilgrim vs The World

With over 20+ years overall cybersecurity experience and a deep understanding of Industrial Control Systems (ICS), Operations Technology (OT) security and the industry as a whole, Ron is leading the charge at SynSaber as Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer to develop solutions that actually help the analyst and operators defend their environments. Ron’s background is working out in the field: onsite at the power generation, offshore oil, refineries and everything else that makes the things critical to humanity. He’s navigated the industry’s unique challenges, both culturally and technologically, and has developed the ability to effectively communicate both technical and business concepts to a wide breadth of audiences.